July 29, 2015

Feasibility Studies


Multi-family Feasibility Study–Community Action Inc. of Rock & Walworth Counties – 2005

This brief study was done to help Community Action Inc. of Rock and Walworth Counties analyze the feasibility of developing multi-family housing on two potential sites in the City of Janesville. The report includes a side-by-side comparison of the two sites in relation to several development considerations.

Feasibility Study: Construction Business to Employ Women Participants in “W-2” – 1997

This study was prepared to determine the feasibility of a construction business that would employ women participants in the W-2 (Wisconsin Works) welfare reform program. The proposed business model was to expose women to trades in which they could earn a living, and then to assist them in obtaining jobs in the industry. Topics covered include community conditions, a summary of changes in the welfare system, a feasibility analysis of the business itself, and a description of the structure of a construction business.

Coulee CAP: Dynamics of Affordable Housing – 1995

This discussion guide was prepared to help Coulee CAP examine the aspects of a potential rental housing development program. Topics covered include role options, composition of the development team, goals for housing development, and project development and ownership tasks.

Feasibility Analysis for HOPE 3 Homeownership Program – 1993

This study examines the Madison Area Community Land Trust’s proposed HOPE 3 Homeownership Program in terms of financial feasibility, financial resources available and subsidy necessary to achieve affordability. The report also makes recommendations for operating the program in a manner that complies with the requirements of the federal HOPE 3 Homeownership Program.

Study for the Creation of the Madison Area Community Land Trust – 1991

This study describes the characteristics of land trust models, conditions in the Madison, Wis., area that might affect the development of a land trust, and possible acquisition strategies. The study also identifies Madison area financial resources, including development capital, that could be used by the land trust to acquire land and housing, and to rehabilitate housing.

Feasibility Analysis for Friends Community Housing, Inc. – 1991

This report constitutes a preliminary feasibility analysis of an infill development project proposed by Friends Community Housing, Inc., of Madison, Wis. It includes a market review, site description and financial feasibility analysis. The report also assesses the client’s potential as a property manager.