October 9, 2015


The Partnership assists clients with every aspect of housing development, finance and management. We do development consulting for nonprofit and for-profit developers. We guide client organizations and agencies through the challenges of growth, the technicalities of program design and the elements of quality program management. Our lengthy client list includes housing nonprofits and state and local governments. We also consult on housing finance and program management.

Housing Finance

What We Do

We consult with state and local governments, lenders and other businesses and nonprofit organizations to create new financing programs to fund affordable housing and neighborhood revitalization projects.

The financing programs we design and manage are designed to maximize the opportunities for participation by the private sector in affordable housing and neighborhood revitalization. Most of the capital in the programs has been private, although many of the programs combine private and public capital.

Our newest venture is helping the City of Milwaukee create a loan fund to provide financing for developers using Neighborhood Stabilization Program funds to produce affordable housing opportunities and strengthen Milwaukee neighborhoods.

Consulting to Nonprofits

What We Do

“Housing nonprofits” may be neighborhood organizations, citywide or multi-county, organizations, faith-based organizations, homeless shelters, land trusts, advocates or service providers for people with disabilities or mental illnesses or others.

They may be Community Action Agencies, NeighborWorks America affiliates, or Habitat for Humanity chapters. They may be Community Housing Development Organizations (“CHDOs”) under HUD’s HOME Program, or they may be more than one of the above.

They may focus on housing development, rental housing management, prevention of homeslessness or services to people who are experiencing homelessness. They may work primarily with first-time home buyers, renters, people with disabilities or seniors.

But all housing nonprofits are alike in seeking safe, affordable, sustainable living situations for the people they serve.

Whatever their mission, the Partnership is equipped to help housing nonprofits address affordable housing issues in their communities. Our development consulting services help make projects happen. We can show nonprofits how to build capacity for housing development or management. And we can help with program design or evaluation.

Development Consulting

The Partnership offers a wide range of consulting services to make affordable housing projects happen. Our technical assistance package offers strong support to nonprofits throughout the development process. We help nonprofits identify and evaluate site options, obtain site control, conduct market and feasibility analyses, select development teams, develop construction schedules, negotiate and secure financing commitments, manage construction, and plan for project rent-up or sale.We can provide comprehensive support or assist with individual components of the development process.

Since 1988, contracts with HUD have allowed us to provide no-cost technical assistance to CHDOs in Wisconsin and other Midwestern states. CHDOs are private, community-based nonprofits with housing-related missions, and a portion of federal HOME funding is set aside for housing developed, sponsored or owned by CHDOs.

The Partnership also offers technical assistance to nonprofit organizations involved in homelessness issues. We either work as paid consultants or provide no-cost services under our HUD contracts. We provide comprehensive or cafeteria-style development consulting for the production of housing for homeless families and individuals.

Technical Assistance

The Partnership assists nonprofits who wish to enter the field of affordable housing development.

We work with organizations as they plan for and take the organizational and strategic steps needed to become developers. We guide groups through bylaw preparation, filing for incorporation, choosing a board of directors, raising start-up funds and recruiting staff.

The Partnership also helps nonprofits become certified as CHDOs to develop affordable housing. We offer HUD-funded technical assistance for all stages of the certification process.

Program Design and Evaluation

The Partnership works with housing nonprofits to expand or improve the effectiveness of their housing programs. We help nonprofits plan for the future by evaluating project and program management policies, decision-making structures and processes, or staffing and financial capabilities. We also consult on issues related to homeless assistance programs. Nonprofits certified as CHDOs, and those that work in the area of homelessness, may be able to receive these services at no cost through our contracts with HUD.

Consulting to Local Governments

What We Do

State and local governments and government agencies are often key players in efforts to expand the supply of affordable housing. We consult with local and state governments to help them participate more effectively in public-private-nonprofit partnerships.

The Partnership has a long history of working with government agencies and officials throughout Wisconsin and in other states. We have worked with state government agencies, county and city governments, and consortia of governments to find effective approaches to local and regional housing challenges.

We can put together the right combination of people and resources needed to create a local housing partnership. We can also design, evaluate or manage housing programs tailored to local needs.

Local Partnership Design and Support

Assembling the right combination of people and resources is essential to addressing local or regional housing problems. The Partnership has experience in working with state and local governments and public agencies to design and implement local or regional housing partnerships.

Whoever we work with—metropolitan areas, counties, cities, villages or towns—we know how to bring private sector capital and nonprofit skills to the table to design a comprehensive approach. As each new partnership takes shape, we collect and analyze relevant information, then devise successful strategies for developing or rehabilitating housing, expanding home ownership, and preserving affordable housing. The result is a housing program designed specifically to address area needs.

Since 1996, funding from HUD has allowed the Partnership to provide technical assistance at no cost to Wisconsin Participating Jurisdictions (PJs—cities or other government entities eligible to use federal HOME funds). We have worked successfully with most of the PJs in the state on local or regional housing issues.

Whether as a consultant or a PJ technical assistance provider, we have helped launch a number of comprehensive housing partnerships in Wisconsin and in other parts of the country.

Housing Program Design and Evaluation

Local and regional governments sometimes have housing needs that call for the creation and implementation of customized approaches. Drawing on our professional experience with housing programs and finance mechanisms, we design new programs to fit specific situations. We also help governments analyze existing programs to measure success, evaluate efficiency or prepare for the future. Following our assessment, we may recommend modifications or new techniques to continue or improve program effectiveness.